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North Sea - pelagic

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:03 pm
by Albert de Jong
Apperently, the larus cachinnans could be a marine bird in winter. During a pelagic boattrip not far from the coastline of Texel, we found up to 14 different birds! One of it was ringed as PLVE [yellow], a well-known bird that has spent its first winter in Amsterdam.
The table of today:
Caspian Gull
9 x 1cy
3 x 2cy
2 x 3cy
Yellow-legged Gull
2 x 1cy
1 x 2cy

There was a group of large gulls constantly following the boat. It consisted of mostly juvenile birds: lot of Herrings and some LBBG's and GBBG's.