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IGM 2018 Presentations

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:23 pm
by Strahil
Breeding Atlantic Yellow-legged Gull in the Azores (Nick Rossiter) - ... TcmUw6Vztu

Gulls along the Bulgarian Danube river region (Strahil Peev) - ... BOMLHeIyUj

Gull species of the Balkan Peninsula and their status (Lubomir Profirov) - ... bAcwyTMpIX

Avian malaria. What is known in gulls? (Karina Peeva) - ... SU2JQpZyF4

Variation in Heuglin's Gull (Mars Muusse) -

Molt in large white headed gulls in Europe (Mars Muusse) -

Phenotypic variation in the hybrid zone of Western x Glaucous-winged Gull, the “Olympic” Gull (David Marques) - ... 3MqSp33M6u

Herring Gulls at Solgård; results from one winter of gull ringing on a refuse tip prior to shut down (Morten Helberg) - ... HMUwpLfUOr

Status of the wintering population of Common Gulls in Western Norway (Arild Breistøl) - ... ZfFQ9T88GB

Breeding habits of Black-headed Gulls (Sindre Molværsmyr) - ... JMIm3f1Pk4

Variation in Armenian gull (Amir Ben Dov) - ... 1nRdfBNB32

Gulls of Australia (Klaus Hein) - ... Vp0OuyccbU

The first results of gull investigations on three Minsk's landfills (Irina Samusenko) - ... 8uXGpFefMN

Gull recoveries on and from Jakuševec, Zagreb, Croatia (Biljana Ječmenica) - ... qditDoOt3G

The state of Lesser black-backed gulls in Finland and Russian Karelia (Risto Juvaste) -