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2cy Smith candidate, Iceland

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:03 pm
by Stefan
This Smith candidate was photographed in the Reykjavík harbour on the 22 October 2016 by Daníel Bergmann. Unfortunately, no photos showing its underparts could be obtained. What is noticeable is the greyish appearance and the smooth coverts on this bird. The secondaries are not that blackish at all with some whitish fringes on the outer edges. The GC´s, greater and median primary coverts are quite uniform in colour and texture as well. The inner primary window is hardly visible, being just a bit paler than i.e there is barely a difference between the inner primary window and the coverts. There is black in primaries P10-P4. The median coverts have a bit of whit but quite smooth in texture and similarly the LC´s are quite homogeneous. The tail feathers are quite blackish, apart from a very thin line on the outer vane on the outermore tail feather. The rump appear to be heavily barred. Tertials are a bit darker than the rest of the wing and with fine order. Little bit of grey on the scapulars indicate a 2cy. The head s of grey and diffuse colour and the bill is black tipped. The bill colour needs more examination. The eye is still relatively dark. There appear to be 2nd- gen scapular feathers (examine). This appear to be a promising Smith candidate, but more work is needed to separate from Icelandic herring gulls that have similar colour texture.