1cy herring gull, Iceland

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1cy herring gull, Iceland

Post by Stefan » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:07 pm

This herring gull was photographed by Alex Máni in Þorlákshöfn, SW-Iceland on the 4rth of November 2019. What is immediately of interest is the smooth/uniform underparts and uniform axillaries. While some herring gulls can have smooth underparts, and especially those that are mixed with glaucous gull, the underparts are in many ways similar to that of the american herring gull. Furthermore, the neck seems to be a bit darker.

However, considering the upperparts, the greater coverts appear bit checkered/variagated, not as smooth as expected for an american herring gull. The primaries and secondaries appear only to be a bit darker than the greater coverts and the greater primary coverts, but one would expect greater contrasts in american herring gull. The barring of the upper and under tail coverts appear to be sparse, and appear like "straight" lines compared to more variable patterns seen on the american herring gull (this requries further study). It has less black in the tail feathers compared to most similalry aged herring gulls. While perhaps not critical, then many Smiths have aquired at least some pale at the base of the bill.

The smooth underparts and axillaries and darker lower hindneck/upper mantle is certainly of interest. Perhaps some touch of glaucous genes can create such smooth underparts (although better photos would be needed to ascertain this in detail).
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