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Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 1:45 pm
by Abdulla Paleri
I am Dr.Abdulla Paleri,Ihave been monitoring the ariival and departure of gulls along the west coat of India for the last two years.I observe them coming here by August(first sight August 28) till May (last sight May 12).The gulls visit here include Brown headed,Black headed,Heuglins but on January 18 th I saw a Slender billed Gull with a defective bill,as the mandible is bent and curved backaward.I saw it walking along the coast for half an
hour and then flew away I have not absreved any attempt of foraging by the bird.The deformity may be due to virus attack or heavy metal pollution,Iam anot sure.However the deformity may affect the suvuval of the bird as it may hinder the usual easiness of foraging.I post the image here along with this note.