Westkapelle autumn 2010

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Ies Meulmeester
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Re: Westkapelle autumn 2010

Post by Ies Meulmeester » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:16 pm

Ies Meulmeester wrote:Today Westkapelle strikes again..!! 33% of the Yellow-legged Gulls that were present on the sea dike this afternoon was ringed. Of approximately the total of 10 michahellis a 1cy and 2cy ringed with Sempach and 2cy with Ozzano, all very close to the car! And further a lot more nice stuff..!

Pictures will come later..!

Here a picture of the 1cy Sempach! More pictures (and also of the other 2cy Sempach & Ozzano) will come later on my website!

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