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Re: Today at Westkapelle

Post by pim wolf » Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:09 pm

Theo Muusse wrote:I predict that Pim will post a few of his collection of this more than average day too.

Well predicted Theo! I finally managed to get my internetconnection up to speed. Your pics are great and some are much better than mine. Rather than duplicate I've looked for pics of the same individuals that show more/different detail.

larucach-ad-20091113-WK-indd-0333-copy, the same adult as Theo's caspg_ad_1035.jpg included for the underside of the primaries.

larucach-ad-20091113-WK-indb-0293-copy, the same adult as Theo's caspg_ad_1168.jpg showing a small black spot on the outer
vane of p4. Like most Caspian's on this date this bird had a very wide black band over p5.


larucach-3cy-20091113-WK-0180-copy and larucach-3cy-20091113-WK-0152-copy, the same 3cy as Theo's caspg_3cy_1112.jpg
and caspg_3cy_0970.jpg included for a better look at the primaries.

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