difficulties separating 3CY fuscus from western birds

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difficulties separating 3CY fuscus from western birds

Post by marsmuusse » Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:09 pm

On ORG there are now good numbers of 3CY birds with arrested moult, also some birds that were ringed in graellsii-intermedius breeding range. I just came across a bird ringed by Paul Venon, photographed in The Gambia in 2nd winter (February) in active moult. See here for pictures of Black 6.T5: http://www.gull-research.org/lbbg1cy/gr ... black.html

Birds like this very much resemble fuscus in moult strategy, but of course upperpart grey tone is much paler...

Now The Gambia appears to be an interesting location (well south) and I discovered another picture on the web, by Paul van Gorp, March 28 2013 showing a 2CY (first cycle) LBBG:
Paul van Gorp - Kleine Mantel - BIRDPIX.NL
album_pic.jpg (182.89 KiB) Viewed 2737 times
This bird is not ringed, but has an interesting moult timing as well! (picture from: http://www.birdpix.nl/album_page.php?pic_id=360677 )

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