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ID database

Post by marsmuusse » Fri May 02, 2014 10:15 pm

A request:
We like to stimulate more people to go out for gulls. And on several fora people address the issue of ID of even locally common birds. Therefore we like to create a database with the large gulls of Europe, 11 taxa in total. It will be possible to search on taxon, age and bi-monthly period.
Still we are looking for good pictures of several plumages, either flying or resting birds (e.g. difficult taxa as barabensis are hardly present, but also michahellis or lusitanius would be great). We created a few pages to see if we already cover the species (this is more or less a list of the images we have and don't have); if you have images, please visit this list of images to see if you can contribute:

If we have a substantial set of images, we like to translate it to many language, and this may stimulate more people to go out looking for gulls.

Criteria for images:
- 1000 px width and good quality.
- one picture resting bird in profile.
- one picture of flying bird / open wing to show upperwing pattern and tail pattern.
- for every taxon that's 2 pictures / 2-months, is 12 pictures / year, is 54 pictures in total, is 600 pictures for 11 taxa.
- bird should be showing "a really classic" plumage, so starting ornithologists have no problems recognising the species. So please no hybrids, or retarded birds, or odd moult patterns, or decurved bills, etc etc. Just boring classic birds!
- ideally bird should be ringed to prove origin and age.

Images can be added in this topic viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1060&p=4193#p4193.
You may have a good picture, but find this plumage already in the photo set? No problem, please add the image anyway, if it is of better quality or better use showing a more than average bird, we may still use it.

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