IJmuiden 19 March 2010

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IJmuiden 19 March 2010

Post by marsmuusse » Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:12 pm

This morning, I spent a few hours in the harbour...

PossHyb stands for possbile hybrid. Obvious darker than local herrings, but paler than local lessies. Worring thing is the lack of black on P5, leaving not too many options, suggesting northern tatus. However, this bird was really ashy grey lacking bluish tones and darker than what we find for tatus, even in mid-winter. Furthermore, the 'feel' was not correct for tatus, but who knows...
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Re: IJmuiden 19 March 2010

Post by adriaens » Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:33 pm

Hi Mars,


with such a small amount of black on P5-7 (at least), and such a prominent white tongue-tip on P7, I would be surprised if this was not an argentatus.

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Re: IJmuiden 19 March 2010

Post by JanJ » Fri Mar 19, 2010 4:49 pm

If the hybrid theory should be overlooked I can see the dark argentatus with features described by Peter!

Here´s a few more darkies:

http://www.elisanet.fi/hj.koskinen/Dark ... 71113.html


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